[thechat] Home network for a dummy (US "Roadrunner" cable service)

Jorah Lavin madstone at madstone.net
Wed Dec 10 07:52:12 CST 2003

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Subject: [thechat] Home network for a dummy (US "Roadrunner" cable service)

> At the end of November, I'm moving into a new townhouse and will have
> cable internet access for the first time.
> I need to hook all of these computers up to the cable system.

Folks, thanks to all who sent me advice both on and off the list. I'm now
snug in the new house, and after a snag with a bad cable modem from the
local provider (Time Warner), I'm online and happy. I finally dug through
the 4000+ UCEs that were clogging my mail in-box, and the Linksys network
card and firewall/router/switch is working great.

Thanks again...


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