[thechat] unsubbing / mpls recap

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Dec 10 11:27:00 CST 2003

>On Tuesday, December 9, 2003, at 11:00  AM, Erika Meyer wrote:
>>And, hey  Minneapolians, what is that building downtown with the 
>>lava lamp on top?
>Do you mean the US Bank building? 
>http://www.phototour.minneapolis.mn.us/2706 -

no, that's the one with the flying saucer on top.  (or half a flying 
saucer, judging from the pix)

>Or do you mean the squat one that looks like a blue stalk of celery? 
>That's the AT&T building - one of my favorites. 

that looks far more likely.  I can't believe you all don't 
immediately know what I'm talking about... I pointed it out to the 
locals I was riding with and they acted like they'd never seen it 
before.  Isn't it weird how tourists have to point things out to 

by "lava lamp" I am of course referring to a shifting rainbow color 
light show featured prominently at the top of one of the buildings 
downtown...  okay, it's only visible at night, but it's pretty 
blatant... it's makes me want to take a hit of acid and wander sit on 
the stone arch bridge...

>I love Minneapolis - sometimes I go downtown just to walk around ...

yeah I could kick ass with a good camera downtown Minneapolis. 
Especially when there is a good sunset and/or when there is a good 
fresh snow and blue sky.

nice contrast with all the crazy mirrored buidlings and the old 
warehousey/railroady/churchy places.

>here's another one of my favorite buildings: 
>http://www.phototour.minneapolis.mn.us/2072 - actually

hm.  not my favorite, but interesting, yes.

>Almost every building downtown is connected by 26 miles of skyway: 
>http://www.phototour.minneapolis.mn.us/2443 - You can walk all over 
>downtown without going outside!

read: you can venture downtown in January without fear of freezing to death...
AND! many bus shelters are heated!

>The Weissman looks like something from another planet - 
>http://www.phototour.minneapolis.mn.us/1761 -

wow... never seen that one... very chrome

I used to stay here:
3rd floor 4th window from the right
(gone now)


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