[thechat] FX: (Egad! ... another guitar thread!)

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Dec 11 09:10:03 CST 2003

Garrett Coakley noted:

>>Well, I *heart* my Korg AX-30 multi effects unit. How can you not love
>>something that has a preset distortion patch called "Hostile"

Thanks Garrett!!

That certainly looks like a lot of fun!  (Nice Marshall combo too! 
I used to have one of those. A Tele through a Marshall?? ... Are you 
sure that's allowed?)  ;-P

I think I'm leaning more towards the new version of the Korg Pandora 
... it's a little more portable for lugging between the 'upstairs' 
guitar and the 'downstairs' guitar.

>>it can do stereo output

Heh. I used to run a Zoom 505 through a pair of Sony powered walkman 
speakers for a pseudo-stereo effect ... It's pretty wierd walking 
about and having the sound from multiple sources. But, alas, I gave 
my Zoom to my son when I bought him an electric bass. 

>>(watch that phaser doesn't mess with your head!)

<sniff />RonL. has no phaser ... <sniff /> no flanger ... <sniff /> no 
compressor ... <sniff /> no roto-uni-vibe 'Leslie' emulator ... 
<sniff /> no cabinet or tube modeling ... <sniff /> no echoplex 
(although I played with one back when they were _analog_ ... moving 
the heads around the tape drum ... waaaay fun!) ... <sniff /> ... 
He's just _so_ deprived!  ;-(

>>Has an in built expression pedal too, so let those psuedo
>>Hendrix impressions fly *:)

Oh shooot ... *now* I'm gonna have to dig around in the closet and 
find my Jim Dunlop CryBaby Wah ... and put a few more callouses on 
my fingertips!  ;-)


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