[thechat] FX: (Egad! ... another guitar thread!)

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Dec 11 09:48:49 CST 2003

That Mighty Mite Mangler of Massive Tone, Morgan Kelsey, warbled:

>>you probably already have a whammy pedal....(and they're pricey)

Oooo! 'Dive-bombing' on a stomp box?  That's prety neat!

>>at the other end of the spectrum, i just got this new slide, which is way cool:

ROTF! ... A 'Duane' slide for delta blues? ... <considers slowly and 
revises opinion /> ... Actually, I kinda think he'd like that!

>>and this is a great capo:

D'oh! My capo probably does needs replacing ... heck, it's probably a 
collectible 'antique' by now.

Thanks! (I'll add a thumbpick to the 'stocking stuffer' list too!)


>>one of these days alice.....

You call *that* a guitar? 

<Begins pouring lighter fluid to start flame war on personal 
preferences for 'pretty' guitars /> 

Naaaw! Now, this here ... *This* is a guitar!:


>>(who has fresh pron coming in the mail...stay tuned string benders...)

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