[thechat] unsubbing / mpls recap

iris thechat at jarmin.com
Thu Dec 11 15:09:20 CST 2003

thank you for all the links to mpls pics.  made me well nostalgic.  i love
that city.  i lived in mpls for one year in 88/89 and i have only good
memories.  it was the best winter i ever had :) 

as i write this the first snow of the winter is falling here in marburg,
germany.  i got my 'minnesota coat' out of the basement (now it's
officially winter) and went walking in the snow, listening to my steps make
that weird popping sound.  i love winter.  it'll be all gone tomorrow, it's
suppossed to get a bit warmer again.  damn.


omnia mea mecum porto


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