[thechat] FX: (Egad! ... another guitar thread!)

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Fri Dec 12 08:34:33 CST 2003

>>[rummage-rummage /]
>>you mean like this?

> Uhhhh<drool />hhhh ... y e a h ... something like that ...

its actually not a real nice one....no flamey top or bird inlays (they're half
moons). they made some lower end ones in the mid-80s i guess (mines an 86 i
think). its probably only worth about $600 (not no $4500 santana model)

but still, its a really nice guitar. and has actually seen *alot* of playing, i
don't really keep it buried in the closet... ;-)

> ;-O

whoa! are you busy tonight mr L?

BTW, mr allman wasn't the first person to don a coricidin bottle:

i think it was the slide of choice for all dem delta guys....but no one really
knows i guess.

now this, *this* is funny:

who are these people?

i'm not so sure RJ and charlie patton were having deep intellectual discussions
on tonality....

RJ: "yes charlie, i find if i approach the note from below, and leave it a
microtone flat, it has a hair raising effect."

CP: "mash bajsajh lhj ksad khj alsd [BURP /]"


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