[thechat] FX: (Egad! ... another guitar thread!)

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Dec 12 16:00:04 CST 2003

Morgan Kelsey noted:

>>its actually not a real nice one....no flamey top or bird inlays 

(I noticed) ... but still, these are very nice guitars.  
I was in a shop 'back in the day' when one of the early "dragons" 
came out ... they were asking $10k for it! I ran into the Ed Roman 
guitar links when looking for a link ... *very* nice inlays there! 
Whoa - I hadn't seen 'spalted maple' before - neat!

>>its probably only worth about $600 

I dunno ... you may want to check on that ... I hear the early 
'hand built' units are a lot more desirable than the later axes. 
Some guy on eBay is asking $12.5k for one with a serial number 
under 500 or something.

>>now this, *this* is funny:
>>who are these people?

Heh ... must be them people that listen to Robin Ford when he talks 
theory ... over *my* head fer shur!

(Too many meetings today - need to cruise the custom shops to clear 
my head.)

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