[thechat] Cooking questions: Japanese ingredients

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Mon Dec 15 10:14:25 CST 2003

=> I'm looking to improve my selection of (primarily Japanese) 
=> staples. I 
=> tend to use whatever's around, but I'd rather impress people 
=> with truly 
=> fabulous flavors. So I'm wondering what brands and varieties 
=> those "in 
=> the know" use of:
=> - cooking sake and mirin
=> - soy sauce
=> - rice vinegar
=> - sesame oil
=> - miso
=> - wasabi
=> - nori

I'd have to check my cabinets for brand names I use of the above list, but
don't forget the furikake! Comes in a wide variety of flavors and tastes
superb when sprinkled on sushi or plain rice.


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