[thechat] ROTK - caution - spoilers!!!

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Sat Dec 20 05:44:02 CST 2003

stef lost MAJOR geek points when he confessed:

> Luckily I had decided not to go see them. The first was so boring.
> </provocation>

the third was definitely LONG. leave your hulk in the car.

and some of the special effects, were pretty weak. others though, were so well
integrated you hardly notice em (like the trolls, huge battles, and ring

but there's this one part, where gandalf charges out on the plain to scare off
the wraiths.
and uh, it kinda looks like he points a flashlight at em.
my house in all its xmas glory is far more terrifying to evil, let me tell you.
enya singing in the background doesn't help with the cheese factor either...devo
would've been better.

i think maybe peter jackson has *thoughts* about listening to enya, while an old
man approaches him with a flashlight....

but the LONG, OMG, they could have done something about it.
most of the problem, is lots of people die. and you all know how these weirdos
they can't say, "give me a cheesburger, i'm in a hurry"
it has to be: "mine eyes fall on that grilled section of flesh from one of your
noble steeds. might i sink my teeth into its soft hot surface, thus filling me
with my fill for the battle is nigh."

so when someone dies, oh man, good time for a bathroom break. when you get back,
they'll still be sputtering about their father's fathers and finding truffles,
and darkening eyes, and sheesh.... SHUT UP!

and then the ending -- what a disaster!!!

PJ apparently thinks after making a movie ABOUT tolkien's books, that he can
write a better ending than old JRR. ugh, its the song that never ends, it goes
on and on my friends....

anyway, good flick.

how did the marathoners make out?
can you feel your ass after sitting for so long?


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