[thechat] ROTK - caution - spoilers!!!

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Sat Dec 20 12:43:42 CST 2003

At 06:44 20/12/03 -0500, you wrote:
>most of the problem, is lots of people die.

yeah, the number of soldiers that get slaughtered is staggering.  i think
theoden says, 'we've got 60.000 men' and aragorn says 'that's not enough'.
what?  actually i was seriously surprised that anyone got out alive.  in
fact, how come they still had so many soldiers to throw into the war after
they already got wiped out at helms deep and that gondor city?

i thought the end was really really sad. (*sniff*)  after all that hobbit
mega-bonding... (this is the 'warning spoilers' thread, isn't it?)  i was
depressed all next day.


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