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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Dec 21 12:44:30 CST 2003

On 21 Dec 2003, at 18:25, s t e f wrote:

> <quote who="Martin Burns" when="21/12/03 17:19">
>> Boy!
>> Ruaraidh Colm Burns, born at home at ten to noon this morning. 
>> 8pounds 12oz for those keeping stats.
> YAY! (and all that!)
> Can't you say his name in front of a mike and save it as an MP3 and 
> put it online for us non-scots? Please-please-please
> /me does his roger rabbit eyes

The usual anglicisation "Rory" is close enough (actually closer: 
Roo-(a)ree). There are a bunch of spelling variants too, including:
and until such time as we register him, it ain't fixed! They're all 
cognate with the Gaelic word "Ruadh", meaning 'red'. Shame that unlike 
Morgan, he's dark-haired, but them's the breaks.

Colm means 'Dove'  btw. I'm sure we're all aware of Colm Meaney, but 
the inspiration was more Colum Cille. Those of you who know the 
association we have with Iona will probably get the link. For everyone 
else, there's Google!


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