[thechat] Refusing Cookies

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Dec 22 07:36:54 CST 2003

A bit of light relief from another list I'm on...

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Steven Webster <swebster@****.co.uk>
> hi all,
> disable cookies.  don't use credit cards, or switch cards for
> that matter.  And store cards, man they're evil too, cut 'em
> up and bin em.  Don't speak on the phone, stick on a ski-mask,
> take a route down the street that avoids any CCTV cameras, and
> knock on the door of your friend, delivering your message to
> them in person instead.  But establish a code to use, just
> in case the neighbours upstairs hear.  And if you must carry
> a mobile, remove the battery, and if you do remove the battery,
> do it in a lead box where there's no reception, lest it
> ping home one last time to the 3 nearest transmitters and
> pin your location down to within metres.
> Don't use a bank, keep your money in your shoes.  And don't
> use limited edition notes, those can be tracked real easily
> through circulation, and you could be guilty by association.
> And don't watch Hollyoaks.  Not because it's a potential
> invasion of privacy, just cause, well, it's rubbish.
> Mix your drinks.  As soon as the barmaid says, "the usual
> Mr Webster", then not only does she know your name, but
> she's coupled that with a beverage of choice.  When she
> asks for your phone number, you can be sure it's only to
> sell it to the brewery who can do a QAS postcode lookup
> and strategically drive their delivery vans past your
> house just before you open your curtains.
> Barmaids are evil.
> On the other hand, relax a little, grab a beer, pay for
> it by switch, tip the barmaid, stop by tesco on the way
> home and buy your usual favourite pizza, phone your
> friend on your mobile and tell them you'd like to see
> them soon, and when you get home, buy a book on Amazon,
> reckless in the knowledge that the next time you login,
> they'll remember who you are and be able to do lots of
> SERVER-SIDE mining of the database, where ON THE SERVER
> they have stored the details of your address, your
> purchases, other's purchases, your wish-list, and your
> viewing/browsing habits.   The little cookie just
> lets them identify you on the way in the door.
> It's quite astounding the lengths to which many on the
> First Tuesday List will go to cripple their online
> experience - no HTML mail, no browser plugins, no
> cookies.  Do you guys refuse to use a mouse, on your
> 386 processor with a 14" black and white monitor ?
> I'm sure i've said before about there being no such
> thing as a bad technology, just a technology used
> irresponsibly....
> If BuffyInTheBuff.com is setting cookies on your
> hard drive, sharing them with BritneyBared.com, and
> selling that info to spam merchants, then are the
> cookies to blame, the folks behind the sites, or
> is the user themselves accepting risk going to those
> stores in the first place ?
> Amazon, BBC, EBay, John Lewis, etc, etc, etc...all
> use cookies to responsibly improve the online browsing
> experience.  Cookies can be used responsibly too.
> I'll stop rambling .... I've been biting my tongue
> about cookie cutters for too long, and couldn't help
> it.
> Safe Christmas to all,
> Steven
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