[thechat] ROTK - caution - spoilers!!!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Dec 29 07:53:46 CST 2003

iris noted:

>>i thought the end was really really sad. (*sniff*)  

Hi Iris,

I took my son (he's 17) with me to see the film. [Fortunately he talked 
me out of buying the 55 gallon diet coke before the movie ... so we 
actually sat through the whole thing.]

For me the end wasn't sad ... I was too busy cracking up ... (I'll 
have to post a picture to explain it I guess) ... it was all those 
hobbit close-ups at the end ... you see, my son is currently sporting 

It didn't become blatantly obvious until the end of the film ... but 
I think we both realized it at the same time ... and then I looked at 
him and started cracking up ... which kinda ruined the solemnity of 
the final scenes for me!  <shrug />

I'm guessing this will be a 'big thing' for 2004.

... and here I had been wasting my time calling him 'mod' and teasing 
him about his Roger Daltry hair ...

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