[thechat] n00b networking question

Sean ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Wed Dec 31 01:15:25 CST 2003


As part of the winter solstice celebrations, I received a wireless (802.11b)
router and so am in the process of upgrading my home network.  One segment
of my network is several computers connected to a hub, with the hub wired to
a router.

My question is, can I replace that wired router-to-hub connection with
wireless?  (As opposed to adding wireless adapters to each individual
computer.)  (Yes, I do know there are performance considerations as to why I
might not want to do this.)

I think what I need is a wireless bridge, such as the linksys WET11 or
netgear ME101, which will plug into the hub.  However, all I can find is the
bridge works with "any ethernet-enabled device" and similarly vague
language.  All the examples or diagrams show the bridge connected to a
terminal device such as a computer or game console.

Can anyone confirm I can attach a regular old wired hub to a wireless
gateway to connect to a wireless router?  If it matters, this is a private
network with DHCP behind a firewall and NAT.


Sean G.

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