[thechat] Thai restaurant in... Kabul

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Jan 4 02:53:54 CST 2004


Yes, in that tourist hotspot of Afghanistan, a Thai restaurant is flourishing.


Lalita Thongngamkam is the owner and founder of Lai Thai and it is not her 
first restaurant.

In fact, it is not her first restaurant in a region where major combat 
operations have been completed. When asked if running a restaurant in a 
former war zone is risky business, she responds curtly, "Hardly, it's no 
big deal."

Compared to the locations of her previous restaurants, it's not hard to 
believe her. Ten years ago she opened her first restaurant in Cambodia and 
since then she has opened eateries in Somalia, Rwanda, East Timor and Kosovo.

She has a basic business model: Follow U.N. and NGO workers who are trying 
to rebuild areas decimated by war and supply them with quality Thai cuisine 
as an alternative to the local fare. It helps to be the only game in town.



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