[thechat] So...

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Jan 7 07:32:04 CST 2004

> It's been a while. What did I miss?

* Discussions of nagrom's misadventures in festive lighting displays. (The 
experiment involving standing water, woolen sweaters and rubbing a cat's 
fur with a glass rod was particularly illuminating!) ;-)  It's a real 
shame the video didn't come out.

* A comparison of the relative merits of jobs in web design versus a career 
in sheep herding in the French Alps. (Shearing, dipping, and shoveling 
seemed to figure prominently in the analysis.)

* Mssr. C. Evan's Herculean efforts to successfully herd enough primadonnas 
to form an 'evolt clan' for team chess competitions at redhotpawn.com.

* My own crack scientific team's efforts to compute the additional wind 
chill impact caused by the lateral motion of lady's hips: 

Grant money ... it's a beautiful thing!

All That ... and Life, The Universe, and that other thing that hides behind 
the door at night.

(Who's still waiting to hear back on how Paul did in his NaNoWriMo efforts!)

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