deacon b. web at master.gen.in.us
Wed Jan 7 08:24:44 CST 2004

> MoveOn.org recently sponsored a contest called "Bush in 30 Seconds", 
> calling for submissions, from the public, of TV ads addressing the Bush 
> administration's questionable ethics. Of the thousand or so ads 
> submitted, 12 finalists have been chosen -- and some of them are really 
> good.
> http://www.bushin30seconds.org/

Some of them, yeah. Not all.

Some of them are "preaching to the choir". The 
billionaires for bush ad is kinda heavy-handed and 
smarmy. So's the one of Robin Hood. I suspect both 
ads would backfire, generating sympathy for Bush 
among independents. 

And the mideastern-looking guy talking about things 
happening in his country? Probably generate a lot of 
"camel-jockey go home" response.

The one with statistics, showing up as odometer 
readings, suffers from the "one, two, three, infinity" 
problem. Big numbers are unreal. How is this deficit 
different than the ones we had most years in the 
20th century? We survived them, didn't we?

The one of parents looking uncomfortable while 
their kids participate in a mock debate was fairly 
good, though, and so was the one showing kids 
doing various jobs. Good production values, 
entertaining, and they get the idea across.

It's the one with Bush speechifying full-screen, while 
the teensy inset photos flipping past that would get 
my vote. It's not slick at all, nor was it entertaining, 
but sheesh, it hits you in the gut. 


I've figured out how to get rich.

I'm gonna invent an antidote for those folks
to *shrink* a certain body part (for those who
answer all the *enlarge* spams....)

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