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Tue Jan 13 13:02:18 CST 2004

Boy, Ron, you always now how to get me to crawl out of the woodwork. :)

On Tuesday, Jan 13, 2004, at 09:42 US/Central, Luther, Ron wrote:
> (now watching: "Dual! Parallel Universe". Just watched the 2nd episode
> last night. I'm not a mecha-head, but it seems very engaging so far. I
> just finished "Tenchi Muyo" and, for some reason - maybe the artistic
> style, that series just didn't grab me.)

Actually, you know that Tenchi Muyo! and Dual! both had the very same 
original creator and animation studio, so the artistic style for both 
are pretty similar. :)

Anyways, I like Dual! a lot.  It's all terribly silly, but it's a very 
fun series to watch.  It's at times gut-bustingly funny (two words for 
later: "shock absorption") but also reasonably serious.  Very good 
characters (Mitsuki Rara is my favorite).

As for me, I'm now watching a dozen assorted shows from Japan (one 
season just ended and the next is just beginning).  Some of the 

Chrno Crusade (yes, that's spelled right, no relation to Chrono 
Cross/Trigger) - In New York, in the roaring 20s, a nun named Rosette 
works with a demon, Chrno, to stop big, bad demons from doing bad, 
demonic things.  Mindless action and they have no clue about 
Catholicism, but a decent show.

Gunslinger Girl - The story of young girls who are turned into 
assassins.  The story mercifully doesn't cop out and make this a 
typical mindless action story, but has good human emotion.  But, it 
helps that the action is good, too.

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (just finished) - A true anime soap opera.  
Seriously.  Girl gets into a car accident, goes into a coma.  Girl's 
boyfriend (after a while) begins sleeping with girl's best friend.  The 
relationship begins deteriorating and then the girl wakes up.  
Alcoholism, back-stabbing, etc.  Surprisingly good (because I hate 
soaps) but I didn't like the ending so much.

Maria-sama ga Miteru (just started) - A slow-paced show.  It's set in a 
Catholic  all-girls' school and features some...romantic undertones.  
Not a show for everyone at all...

Mezzo DSA (just started) - Silly, action-oriented show featuring cute, 
pink-haired girl with lots of guns.  Originally based on a hentai 
title, but no hentai material in the TV show.

Naruto - Fighting anime with ninjas (not like Shinobi or something, 
much different): pretty good action with some innovative ideas plus 
lots and lots of interesting characters (20+ regulars).  Look for this 
to be on American TV in the not-too-distant future (maybe next year, 
I'd guess).

Planetes - In the future, in space, there is trash.  And there are 
absurd and eclectic people who clean it up.  Goofy concept, but the 
ensemble cast is great.  Best show of the past season.  There is manga 
out for this in the U.S. - look for it at Borders: it's superb!

Read or Die: The TV - The TV series follow-up to the very popular OAV.  
Not at all what I expected (I expected it to suck, I expected the 
characters and the world to be like the OAV), but quite good.

Anyways, for those looking for anime that, you know, you could actually 
watch in the United States, look for Witch Hunter Robin on Cartoon 
Network starting on February.  Action-oriented gothic thriller with 
vampires.  Good stuff.  Also, Azumanga Daioh, a slice-of-life comedy 
will be out on DVD in the Spring.

/me relurks


Radical Bender

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