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Travis tr at hl-productions.com
Tue Jan 13 21:22:43 CST 2004

I use Acid Pro, FL Studio (Fruityloops), Sound Forge and sometimes Reason.
There is a multitude of packages out there, such as Sonar and Live, which
are also good. It's all to what you sit down and learn or get used to. Check
out Pro Sound & Stage Lighting ( http://www.pssl.com ) and Musician's Friend
( http://www.musiciansfriend.com ) for prices and a look at the different
types. As for "how to" sites, I can't think of any. I just read the manuals
that come with the software and messed around with it until I figured it
out. You could also check out Future Producer's forum (
http://www.futureproducers.com/ ). They give some help

Here's some links to the software I use:
Acid Pro  -> http://mediasoftware.sonypictures.com/products/acidfamily.asp
Sound Forge ->
FL Studio -> http://www.fruityloops.com/
Reason -> http://www.propellerheads.se/


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> Years ago, when I was in a band, I used to make music on an old Atari ST.
> now need to find out how to do it on a PC. Does anyone out there do
> like this, or can you point me in the direction of a good "how-to" site?
> Cheers
> Kevin Stevens
> kjs at ratking.co.uk
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