[thechat] I meet an evolter - finally!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Jan 14 07:24:32 CST 2004

Bob Davis noted:

>>On Jan 13, 2004, at 5:48 PM, Martin Burns wrote:
>> javier - learning about snow
>> Are you in one of those crazy locations where it's the law that you 

>It's not always needed, but it is often a good idea, as the snow in 
>Maine gets deep, and in the spring it all melts, turning the ground 
>into mud (nasty mud, since the ground is frozen about 12" down and only 
>the top few inches thaws and all the melt sinks into that dirt).
>You just should.

Hi Bob,

Is that your 'rural' side showing there? You talking 'bout dirt driveways 
and such?  ;-)  We city folks didn't usually shovel the ground in Ohio ... 
unless, of course, you had a dog ... in which case you *did* shovel some 
paths around the back yard ... which was not my idea of big fun ... 
especially when you change paths after new snowfall and send 'surprises' 
flying around while shoveling ... just lovely.

Anyway, I thought Martin was referring more to the 'litiginous' side of 
the issue ... you shoveled the front sidewalk to keep from getting sued 
by neighbors falling on their butts on the ice.  (That was the balogna 
our parents told us anyway ... It's actually a tad far fetched ... the 
only neighbors that actually _use_ the sidewalk in winter are the kids 
on their way to school - and they generally spend more money on candy 
than lawyers ... and if you shovel the sidewalk clean leaving a nice 
mound of snow on the lawn - they'll walk on _that_ anyway!)

You also put rock salt outside your door ... so *you* don't fall while 
fumbling about for your house keys ... and more salt on the front steps 
... 'cuz if there is too much snow and ice the postman won't deliver 
your mail.  'Course the salt chews up the concrete leaving you with 
repair chores in the Spring. (You _could_ try that 'crunchy paint' ... 
adding small stones or sand while painting your wooden steps ... but 
the shovel catches on that crap and jars the heck out of you.)

Fun stuff that snow. Bleah!

(Who remembers calling down to friends in Houston to brag about the nice 
two-stage Sears snowblower he bought while living in Akron and being 
answered with "Thass nice, Ron ... Wha'izzat? 'Zat like a leaf blower 
or sumptin?")

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