[thechat] snow

Rachel Lam lists at ewe-wish.com
Wed Jan 14 09:52:05 CST 2004

> So far, I've only had to shovel my car out a couple of mornings... and
> BTW that day I thought about asking here about what is the right
> technique for shoveling in order to avoid back injuries. Any tips?

If the snow is heavy & sticks to your shovel, it's hard on your back.
(It also makes shoveling slower, because you have to knock the snow off
before you can scoop up the next batch.) You can spray the shovel scoop
with nonstick cooking spray & the snow will slide off.

This came in handy the day I cleared 6 inches of snow off the sidewalk
before heading to work, only to come home and discover that the plow had
dumped almost 2 feet of packed snow back onto the sidewalk.

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