[thechat] snow

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Jan 14 10:19:27 CST 2004

Martin said,

>> javier - learning about snow
>> Are you in one of those crazy locations where it's the law that you

And then Bob:

>It's not always needed, but it is often a good idea, as the snow in
>Maine gets deep -- [snips] -- You just should.

And then "Lawyerly-Ron-Luther":

> Anyway, I thought Martin was referring more to the 'litiginous' side of
> the issue ... you shoveled the front sidewalk to keep from getting sued
> by neighbors falling on their butts on the ice.  (That was the balogna
> our parents told us anyway ...


/nagrom emits a 'looey' [sic]

round these here parts -- that'd be yankee-land (northeastern US) -- 
if'n the sidewalk runs along in front of your home, you are REQUIRED BY LAW to
clear it. (notice the word clear).
the last time the cops banged down my door demanding i do so, i was ready for

grasping my trusty pole vault, i cleared the sidewalk several times to the
astonished looks of local law enforcement. shaking their downcast heads, they
left mumbling, "dammit, he's right, it *does* say clear...."

And javier asked:

> So far, I've only had to shovel my car out a couple of mornings... and
> BTW that day I thought about asking here about what is the right
> technique for shoveling in order to avoid back injuries. Any tips?

personally, i prefer a mouthful of butane and a lighter.

(clown college graduate)

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