[thechat] MIDI music

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Jan 14 14:17:39 CST 2004


> Thanks for the replies and the links guys. I should have been a bit more
> specific about the "how-to"s, I really need an idea of what hardware people
> use. My old ST had built in MIDI ports, which is why it became *the* machine
> to compose on, so I am supposing a PCI card with ports on. But what about
> audio outputs? Would you have a sound card with ,say , 8 mono outputs to go
> to a mixer, or do you do everything on the PC and then mix it down to a
> stereo master?

whoa, you mean to, like, uh,  [gasp] TAPE?

the youngsters are probably snickering, but being magnetic man of old myself, i
understand your confusion.

nagrom thinks back to the days of his fostex x-15, the many rubberbands that
became its belts, and the music that none shall hear (that is -- unless you
cross me -- then i'd tie you to a baroom bull rider and make you listen to it
for hours)....

but these days, it's all done on the hard drive. all of the programs mentioned
will output a finished WAV file, which can then be burned directly to CD.
it's also pretty common to output from one program into another. you may make a
loop in Fruity Loops, and assemble it with other tracks in Reason, or whatever
and whatever.

oh and MIDI in, you can get nifty little USB thingies that do that.


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