[thechat] snow

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 15 08:47:39 CST 2004

Bob Davis suggested:

>Get a stronger back?
>Practice makes perfect?

>Seriously though - don't try to lift too much away. Light shovel loads 
>and lots of arm work do the job well.

'Course ... being in 'Merica now ... he could always solve that problem 
the 'Merican way ... and throw money at it!  ;-)

* Buy a neighbor's child.
* Hire a plowing service.
* Purchase loud gas powered technology ... the bigger the better.

(I lived up in the land where we 'watch out where the huskies go' for 
many years before I bought a snowblower.  I bought it the week my 
company's VP of purchasing walked over to my desk laughing his butt off 
because his buddy at Toshiba had thrown his back out shoveling snow. 
[We Yankees can be mean like that.] While I've never hurt my back 
shoveling snow ... I *have* hurt my back a few times -- it's not fun.)

(Chuckling over the fact that two guys in _Texas_ are the ones offering 
snow shoveling tips! [<pre-apology>Sorry Dave - I can't help it</pre> 
... this reminds me of an old "Can't we all just be friends?" email 
from a guy whose return address was on the 'worlddomination' domain. 
That was just soooo ... <shakes head />])

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