[thechat] Another "L." in the Limelight!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Jan 20 10:52:35 CST 2004

<warning - proud dad alert! />


My son ('Hobbit'-hair and all) ... will be on TV next month! <Beam />

[No ... it's not a special edition of "Cops" or "America's Most Wanted" 
... that would be his old man!]

It's a small local show that will be aired in Cleveland (I think on 
the ABC affiliate there) called "Academic Challenge" ... the show pits 
three teams of high school students (3 kids on each team) against 
each other answering SAT-type questions.

I don't remember if they win anything or not ... the show has been on 
the air for about 30 years ... it's just fun!


The show was taped Saturday ... all I've heard so far is that he 
answered the first question ... [correctly, thank goodness]. (Whew!)


(Whose only TV credits include footage better left unseen on 
the evening news.)

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