[thechat] Another "L." in the Limelight!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Jan 20 13:10:44 CST 2004

Drew Shiel noted:

>>I was nearly on one of those when I was in school. I was the fourth in 
>>line for a three person team, so if any of them were sick, I'd step in. 

Hi Drew,

Yeah ... I think my son was also the alternate ... but one of the three 
got sick or grounded or whatever ... so he made the show. (Me? - I forgot 
to even go to the dang tryout!)

>>Speaking of sports, I'm just back, battered and bruised, from a weekend 
>>of heavy armoured combat, SCA-style. Anyone else here in the SCA?

Not me ... but when we ran a large 'middle earth' group back in the late 
70s / early 80s ... we would have lots of SCA folks show up for our 
parties and whatnot ... (especially the whatnot, the SCA folks were pretty 
big on that!)

{I remember some guy ...'baron lord laurelin darksbane' ... I think he was 
a high muckety muck running an area covering Eastern Ohio and Western 
Pennsylvania ... dunno if the districting has been redrawn since then.}

I understand the SLA-ers pop out of the woodwork here in Houston to 
attend the annual 'Renaissance Fair' ... but I haven't seen them here yet.


(The 1800, 1900, and 2000+ chess players are battering me about on the 
chess field ... does that count? [Yeah, some bugger writing housing 
policy for Wales has a rating of "2000"! ... and I'm playing him in a 
tourny for 1300 to 1600 ranked players? Booger!])

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