[thechat] Happy Trout Thursday!

Tara Cleveland evolt at taracleveland.com
Thu Jan 29 13:04:17 CST 2004

>Today is Trout Thursday. Happy Trout Thursday! "Defined as the 
>Thursday before Groundhog's Day, Trout Thursday is a completely open 
>holiday . There's no religious origins, there's no official 
>ceremony, there's no preconceived notion of what you're supposed to 
>do, feel, be, or say. The only rule is, you have to eat trout. After 
>that, it's up to you." http://www.troutthursday.com/

This year (my second Trout Thursday celebration) I'm going all out. 
I've got 8 people coming (some who grudgingly agreed to participate 
in my geeky Internet holiday) and I'm making...

Homemade creamy tomato soup,
Tangerine and organic greens with orange dressing
Rainbow trout fillets poached in red wine and shallots, with mashed 
potatoes and asparagus
Caramelized berries with mascarpone sauce

I hope we all stuff our faces and drink too much wine ;-)

Anyone that wants to come visit for Trout Thursday 2005 give me a 
shout and I'll put you on the invite list!


Tara Cleveland
Web Design and Consulting

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