[thechat] RE: truck nuts

deacon b. web at master.gen.in.us
Fri Feb 20 10:38:54 CST 2004

On 20 Feb 2004 at 9:40, Luther, Ron wrote:
> >>you probably see these everyday down in Texas, eh?
> >>http://nutsfortrucks.com/
> >>i was gonna send it to thechat, but--well--it's so gross i can't.

They ought to check with the folks at my bank (www.bbnb.com)
to see if they'd be interested in promotional quantities.

Texas may be weird, but in addition to Blue Ball, Lancaster County 
also has Paradise. And Fertility. And Intercourse. And Bird-In-Hand. 
And Mount Joy. And Eden. And Hornig. And Oyster Point. And Peach 
Bottom. And Sporting Hill. 

So maybe it's a good thing we have Safe Harbor.


Lose weight quickly by eating raw pork and rancid tuna. I
found that the subsequent food poisoning/diarrhea enabled me
to lose 12 pounds in only 2 days.

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