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Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Feb 23 08:31:15 CST 2004

Sometime last week, Bri noted:

>>And finally, I just want to say: there's something really screwed up
>>about a state where a guy can hang some silicone nuts from his truck,
>>but his wife can't buy as a sex toy the appendage to which the nuts
>>would have been attached. 

Hi Bri,

I've often wondered if this was true. (Or, if it was true in the past - 
if it were still true today.) We've been hearing this complaint for 
quite a while now and the time may have come to set the record 
straight ... uh, so to speak!  ;-P

Anyway, I did some secondhand research ... I asked a younger person who 
would know about these things [1] ... and I was assured that not only can 
'bob's [2] be bought in Texas ... but that there are three shops within 
minutes of my office that have them in stock.

Now that person went on to say that there *is* some crazy law where 
possession of more than 4 bedroom toys at any one time is illegal. 
(Apparently 4 constitutes 'personal use' ... but that 5th one indicates 
an illegal 'intent to solicit'!) [I'd say it was more an indication 
of an overoptimistic imagination ... but that's just me.]

The interesting thing to me was that apparently (or apparel-ly) {or 
apparel-less} ... lingerie actually counts as a 'toy'!  ?Que?

Although I asked, he wasn't quite sure whether it counted as one toy 
or more than one toy ... we eventually decided that perhaps that it up 
to the arresting officer's discretion.  ;-)

He also seemed a bit confused when I asked if this law didn't make 
it illegal for women to take their underthings with them when they 
moved from one home or apartment to another in Texas.

It would seem that further research is called for ... but that's what 
I've found out so far.

[1] Of course, being a native Houstonian and under 25 I don't know for 
sure that he could tell the difference between a 'bob' and a striped 
thermos ... but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt this time.

[2] 'Battery Operated Boyfriends'

(Hey! What would you expect from a city that has about as many strip 
clubs as it has churches! ... although, come to think of it, I reckon 
'worship' can take any number of different manifestations!)

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