[thechat] RE: B.O.B.s - wuz RE: truck nuts

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Mon Feb 23 12:01:40 CST 2004

RonL revealed:

> Anyway, I did some secondhand research ... I asked a younger person who
> would know about these things [1] ... and I was assured that not only can
> 'bob's [2] be bought in Texas ... but that there are three shops within
> minutes of my office that have them in stock.

I gotta say this set off all my alarms.
Anyone else remember Dr. Ruth's old radio show?

"Hello, Dr. Ruth? Yes, well, I have this friend whose underwear fits like a

> Now that person went on to say that there *is* some crazy law where
> possession of more than 4 bedroom toys at any one time is illegal.
> (Apparently 4 constitutes 'personal use' ... but that 5th one indicates
> an illegal 'intent to solicit'!) [I'd say it was more an indication
> of an overoptimistic imagination ... but that's just me.]

/ME is counting....uh....no wait already counted *that*....uh....

Am I missing something?
And more importantly -- is this something I've been missing for years and

"Hello, Dr. Ruth? I have this friend...."


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