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Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Feb 23 13:17:40 CST 2004

Drew Shiel noted:

>>If this idea is only occurring for the first time, you don't know enough 

Hi Drew,

A fun bunch those pagans ... Yup I know some of them. In fact, I even 
know plenty of folks who gave their money to the Catholic missions so 
they could *buy* their own pagan!

['Back in the day' some Catholic schools (in an effort to increase 
revenue contributions to their missionary services) offered young 
school children the opportunity to 'buy' and rename a pagan baby 
... the going rate at that time was $5.

Even then I considered it a cruel and unusual practice to saddle these 
poor 3rd world children with names like 'Elizabeth Marie' and 'Joseph 
Alexander' ... I always worried that they'd show up some day to beat 
the hell out of the folks that renamed them ...

... I wanted to call mine "Trigger".    ;-)

[Unfortunately, the nuns didn't think that was nearly as cool as I did.
Forunately for both of us I could never scrap more than 65¢ together.]

Who quite appreciates the fact that May Day is much warmer in Houston 
than it ever was in NorthEastern Ohio. Brrrrr!

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