[thechat] Richmond, VA area?

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Fri Feb 27 15:00:53 CST 2004

Scott asked:

> Well, as luck would have it, my girlfriend landed a job in the
> Richmond area starting in August. I've made the (silly?) commitment
> to go with her, but I know little about the area with regards to tech
> jobs, general city feel, nightlife, etc.
> So I come to you, my fellow evoltchatters, for help. :D

Well, I played a gig in Richmond once....with this really weird experimental
band (*really* weird). It was at this old movie theater that had been
converted to a club. They had ripped up the seats and kept the sloped floor,
so the crowd kinda leaned toward the stage. Well, I guess they were really
leaning away from the stage, I just remember thinking they were gonna all
topple forward onto us. I think we opened for Six-Finger Sattelite.

Someone got real drunk on free beer and barfed in the balcony
(/ME pats self on back).

Someone also ended up with a cassette of "Issac Hayes Greatest Hits" in
their pocket before the night was through. We didn't have any other tapes
except for "James Brown Live at the Appollo (vol 2)", so we listened to it
over and over and over and over, then we'd play one of our weirdo gigs, then
listen to Issac Hayes again...it was a strange 2 weeks.

But yeah, uh, I think it was in the South part of Richmond!

It seemed pretty nice, lots of brownstones and little parks, the kind of
city you can hoof around in comfortably. I remember thinking it would be a
nice place to live.

But that was almost 10 years ago....jeepers.


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