[thechat] Richmond, VA area?

Jackson Yee me at jacksoncomputing.com
Fri Feb 27 14:51:16 CST 2004

Scott Dexter wrote:
> Well, as luck would have it, my girlfriend landed a job in the
> Richmond area starting in August. I've made the (silly?) commitment
> to go with her, but I know little about the area with regards to tech
> jobs, general city feel, nightlife, etc. 
> So I come to you, my fellow evoltchatters, for help. :D
> What should I, as a technology infused hockey-loving(and playing)
> goober, know about Richmond?
> For what it's worth, she is going to be a psychology prof at Longwood
> University in Farmville, about an hour southwest of Richmond. Since
> the biggest thing in Farmville (besides the school) is Applebee's,
> we're going to live in Richmond, most likely the South
> Side/Midlothian area. I'd like to have some insight before heading
> out there to look myself. Thanks a whole bunch folks :)

It's funny that you mention Richmond, Scott.  I lived there for 13 years 
before I came to Blacksburg to college.

The most predominant thing about Richmond is the history of the city. 
There are a *lot* of historical sites to visit, and a lot of culture 
left over from civil war times.  Otherwise, you have the standard movie 
theaters, night clubs, ice skating rinks, laser tag, minature golf, and 
other such venues which you'll find in any decently sized city.

The Midlothian area is a pretty good area to live in with many shops and 
open spaces.  Brandermill and Woodlake by the reservoir are rather 
expensive, but great if you like doing things by the water - sailing, 
rowing, and that type of thing.  Pocahontas State Park isn't too far 
away if you like the outdoors.  The only thing which will get you is the 
toll roads for Powhite and 195.  It's a developing area, so look around, 
and I'm sure that you'll find a couple of good deals.

We don't have any major sports teams, but our local hockey team is the 
Richmond Renegades, who play in the ECHL, and our local baseball team 
are the Richmond Braves.  It used to be that if you came to the game 
after the fifth inning, you could get in for free, but I'm not sure if 
they still do that anymore.

The tech market is pretty like the tech market in most of the country. 
There are a couple of companies hiring, but you'll also be competiting 
with a good number of people for those jobs, so brush up on your resume. 
  Richmond doesn't really possess that many large companies, but if 
you're willing to work for a small to medium sized company and not 
expect too much salary, then you shouldn't have any problems locating a 
good job.

I'd advise staying away from downtown.  Shochoe Bottom has a couple of 
interesting shops, but you'll find as much in the Midlothian area as you 
do in downtown Richmond.  The one place that I do miss is Cary Town - 
it's a three mile stretch of old shops, including a historic theater 
where you can watch movies for a dollar or two.

Let me know when you settle down.  I don't live in the area anymore, and 
I'll be running around the country after I graduate in May, but I'll 
still be visiting my dad in Lakeside during the holidays.

Jackson Yee
me at jacksoncomputing.com

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