[thechat] Re: chimps (was: Letter from the Better Business Bureau)

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri Mar 5 12:38:07 CST 2004

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At 23:13 05/03/2004, s t e f wrote:

>>>oi! you!
>>Crap! You've got red hair too! My last encounter with a redhead didn't, 
>>er, end pleasantly, so I can't stand red hair either. :p
>The real question is, does he float?

Did she? She sure had the, er, assets to manage it. ;)

>>(says the guy who hugs chimpanzees)
>Oh yeah? Pictures? :)

stef, you haven't been around long enough on thechat, have you? The "MadMan 
and chimp" photo is legendary. :)

In any case, http://madman.weblogs.com/pictures/viewer$24

(Just don't call it a monkey. And that pic was taken in late 1999.) 

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