Guitar Pron -- wuz RE: [thechat] Woman Gets Criminal Record for Petting Dog

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Fri Mar 12 11:11:05 CST 2004

That thar Morgan Kelsey feller frum 'up north' dun wrote:

>fresh [guitar] pron? WHERE!?!?!?

Hi Nagrom!

C- C- C-  C a n ' t    T- T- T- t y p e 

... fingers sore ... cheeks aching ...

... too much "pickin & grinnin" goin on 'round heah! ...  ;-)

Too busy playing to take pictures last night ... so let's beat up 
the server for a music shop up in Michigan!  These are the best 
pictures I could find on the web of a guitar "close" to mine:

Purty, huh! A new blonde in the house!  ;-)

There *are* a couple of differences ... I think the body shape on mine 
is just a little more 'rounded' ... more like this:

I also think the purfling on mine may border that portion of the neck 
that sits _on_ the guitar body. (It doesn't look to do that in the 
pictures above.)

There was a slight 'intonation' problem. The first string buzzed a bit 
above the 14th fret.  I had them make a slight neck adjustment to clean 
that up ... and throw on a fresh set of Elixers ... before I took her home.

Great voice! Actually a 'bigger' voice that I was expecting. Before I got 
her home I had thought she had a smaller voice than a Gibson ... [as well 
rounded I thought and perhaps a tad more 'balanced' across the frequencies] 
... but the tone at home surprised me. This is not a 'small' voice. She's 
got the roundness, ring, and sustain of a much older guitar.

That maple back also gives you great vibration to 'feel' the music against 
your ribs!  ;-)  (Man, I thought you only got that in a 'jumbo', not 
in the 'OM' or '000' kind of smaller sized bodies ... cooool!)

I'm a very very happy camper. The look. The feel. The voice. 
She most definitely *is* ... 'all that'!


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