Guitar Pron -- wuz RE: [thechat] Woman Gets Criminal Record forPetting Dog

Morgan Kelsey morgan at
Fri Mar 12 19:22:04 CST 2004

RonL regaled:

> C- C- C-  C a n ' t    T- T- T- t y p e
> ... fingers sore ... cheeks aching ...
> ... too much "pickin & grinnin" goin on 'round heah! ...  ;-)

/ME extinguishes cigarette on forefinger

> Purty, huh! A new blonde in the house!  ;-)

Ooooh - aaaaah, now *that's* what I call a yodel-stick!
I really like that style of cutaway.

> That maple back also gives you great vibration to 'feel' the music against
> your ribs!  ;-)  (Man, I thought you only got that in a 'jumbo', not
> in the 'OM' or '000' kind of smaller sized bodies ... cooool!)

My luthier buddy would say: "That's because it isn't some overbuilt piece of
assembly line doodoo"

But I know what you mean, my Kalamazoo is like that too. Sometimes, on a
slow morning, when 12 cups of coffee and a pack of smokes ain't working -- a
couple of minutes playing the Kalamazoo and I'm instantly dropping my
friends in the pool.

> I'm a very very happy camper. The look. The feel. The voice.
> She most definitely *is* ... 'all that'!

my condolences to the missus


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