[thechat] 100 most mispronounced words

Sean German ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Mon Mar 22 22:54:55 CST 2004

duck tape 		duct tape
Ducks very rarely need taping though you may not know that ducts always
do-to keep air from escaping through the cracks in them.

Actually, it was Duck tape before it was duct tape.  Duck tape is now a
trade name, like Band-Aid or Kleenex.

And, btw, unless specifically labeled so by the manufacturer, duct tape is
not air-proof.  It will significantly retard a leak through a crack, but it
will not keep airborne chemical weapons out of your house, even if that is
the best plan the USA government can come up with.

Oh, and the adhesive softens when heated, so duct tape may not be suited for
use on hot air ducts (again unless rated for a certain temperature by the

So, in conclusion, duct tape, the binding force holding the universe
together, is the perfect solution for anything, except ducts.  =)

-Sean G.

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