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Kath kath at cyber-kat.com
Sat Apr 3 12:41:35 CST 2004

At 01:12 PM 4/3/2004, Bob wrote:
>The down side is that I don't see a single other choice that I like, so 
>I'm stuck between the horns of a dilemma.

About the only time I've ever voted *for* a candidate instead of against 
his opponent was when I voted for Gereald Ford.  I thought he showed a lot 
of courage and integrity under fire when he chose to pardon Nixon.  At the 
time the country needed that whole mess put to bed, but it couldn't have 
been an easy thing for Ford to do.  I always admired him for that.

Most time I'm voting for Mr. Lessor - as in lessor of 2 evils.  Kerry 
wasn't my first choice, but I can vote for him with a clear conscience, if 
not enthusiastically.  As it says in my sig - I'll vote for anyone who can 
beat Bush and right now Kerry seems to be that man.

Kath ...
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Anybody who can beat Bush for President in 2004! <g> 

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