[thechat] Anybody here?

Erik Mattheis zero at gozz.com
Sat Apr 3 15:50:33 CST 2004

Wow - three self-identifying conservatives shunning Bush in this 
thread! Plus, The Economist seems to be dissing Bush ... I haven't seen 
anything but the last two paragraphs of this cover story, but this 
seems no April Fool's joke: 

> I think I'll go for the Libertarian Party candidate. Who was it 
> again...?

There is Gary Nolan and one other guy that has a realistic shot at 
their nomination. I don'tr think Harry Brown is running this year.

Here's a fun and different political quiz:


My results on the "short" test:
You preferred the Democratic stance for 1 issue. Democratic Platform
You preferred the Green stance for 3 issues. Green Platform
You preferred the Libertarian stance for 2 issues. Libertarian Platform 
You preferred the Republican stance for 1 issue. Republican Platform .

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