[thechat] Radio ad

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Mon Apr 5 08:47:37 CDT 2004


That was BRILLIANT!!! VERY funny and ear-catching!! Kinda reminds me of this
TV ad: http://www.nata2.info/humor/movies/korean.asf

I'm definitely eating at Shiok when I finally get to India!


=> Hi guys.
=> With my limited advertising budget, I've decided to go on 
=> radio for a 
=> two-week campaign.
=> We've recorded this 20-second commercial, which I'd like you 
=> to download 
=> and check out.
=> You can get it at http://shiokfood.com/misc/shiok_radio_20s.mp3
=> Opinions welcome.
=> Regards,
=> Madhu

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