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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Tue Apr 6 08:04:00 CDT 2004

At 05:16 06/04/2004, deacon wrote:
>Even if they can, I'm not sure that's a wise use of your advertising
>dollars. Radio advertising is a fairly good way to remind people to
>return to your establishment. It's not a good way to tell people you
>exist. For instance, your ad doesn't tell people what kinds of food you
>have, it doesn't say whether it's a cheap place to get a fast lunch, or
>the kind of place you save up six months for.

Ah, yes. All valid points.

What I didn't tell you (my fault) was that we've taken a "Restaurant 
Package" with the radio station. From Monday to Saturday, there's also a 
parallel contest running on the station where the RJ asks different 
questions about Shiok and invites listeners to phone in with the correct 
answer, the prize being a gift voucher for two.

The questions in the contest are all preceded by "did you know" facts which 
explain the restaurant location, the cuisine, the price of an average meal, 
etc. The questions themselves are designed to be "educational" in nature. 
This builds some excitement about the place. Here are the questions for 
this week:

-- START --

Fact 1: Shiok Restaurant and cocktail lounge on CMH Road serves food from 
Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
Question 1: Next to which of these buildings is Shiok located?

a) Citibank ATM
b) Airport
c) Vidhan Soudha

Correct answer: A

Fact 2: Shiok's restaurant seats 56 people and an average meal for 2 costs 
Rs. 500.
Question 2: Which of these cuisines does Shiok serve?

a) French
b) Italian
c) Thai

Correct Answer: C

Fact 3: The phone number of Shiok is 5116 1800 and the address is 2nd 
Floor, 12, CMH Road
Question 3: How much does an average meal for 2 cost at Shiok far-eastern 

a) Rs. 50
b) Rs. 500
c) Rs. 2000

Correct Answer: B

Fact 4: The Thai red curry is the most popular dish at Shiok far-eastern 
Question 4: What is the phone number of Shiok far-eastern cuisine and 
cocktail lounge?

a) 5116 1800
b) 1234567
c) 4444

Correct Answer: A

Fact 5: Shiok is a Singaporean slang word meaning "damn good" or "delicious"
Question 5: Which is the most popular dish at Shiok far-eastern cuisine?

a) Chinese fried rice
b) Thai green curry
c) Thai red curry

Correct Answer: C

Fact 6: Shiok's ambience is warm and intimate with quiet dining booths and 
candle light.
Question 6: What colour are the sofas in Shiok's cocktail lounge?

a) Blue
b) Red
c) Black

Correct Answer: C


As for the rest of your ideas, yes we're working out corporate discounts 
for large companies and doing the rounds. Radio is just another avenue. But 
thanks for all the ideas, deke.

>That's like walking up to a beautiful
>woman in the street and saying "Your place or mine?" Yeah,
>sometimes you get lucky,

How many times does it take? I've tried about 347 times at last count, and 
it still hasn't worked. :)



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