Anime and other stoof was: [thechat] Anybody here?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Thu Apr 8 09:22:25 CDT 2004

Ben Dyer peered out of hiding in Dallas to note:

>>On a somewhat related note, I see you're mostly going through my Top 25 
>>list again. :)

Humble Fan-Boy learns from the local ani-master!  ;-)

Oh, I've ventured a bit 'off road' from time to time ... {The "Love 
Hina" series wasn't bad, although I didn't care for the stylistic changes 
in that last 'bonus' episode. The 1st disk of the "GTO" series didn't 
really grab me enough to buy more yet. My son gave me "Metropolis" for 
Christmas and I think I agree with pretty much everyone else in the 
world that it's a bit lacking.} So I haven't turned up any real gems 
on my own.  

[I'm assuming, naturally, that your list omits "Millenium Actress" 
only because it hasn't been updated in a while. It's a wonderful film.]

>>My anime-viewing habits have been a bit awkward lately

I concur. Actually, (now that I think about it), I haven't bought *any* 
anime at all this year. Huh! I have a request from one of the grandsons 
to pick up a copy of "The Lion King" ... so I'll probably use that as an 
excuse to place an on-line order for some anime for me ... I'll have 
to see what's available these days.

>>Biggest show with buzz right now (at least in American circles): 
>>Samurai Champloo.  

Noted. Unfortunately you are like waaaaay beyond the curve here ... as 
usual. The titles you suggested a few months ago (Planetes for example) 
probably still aren't 'generally available' yet. <sigh /> I'll be looking 
again soon but I still haven't found a box set of 'Banner of the Stars I'. 
[Yeah - I _do_ see the individual disks ... I just don't wanna pay $20-25 
a pop when a boxed set of all three will probably be more like $35.]

(Still suffering a bit of "AMP" withdrawal!  Got my fingers (right hand 
only - I still need the left for that fancy guitar!) crossed that things 
turn around for you so you can get back to that ... if you want to. If not, 
then 'Big Thanks' anyway - there was good stuff there and I appreciate 

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