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Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Apr 8 16:07:45 CDT 2004

Morgan Kelsey Flanged:

>>But no, there's no real rules. If you study great jazz solos 

<Ron considers rejoining with "Well sure! No rules in jazz ... but 
what about *music*!" ... or the Chet Atkins (was it Chet?) quote "If 
I hit the right notes - it's music. If I hit the wrong notes - it's 
jazz." ... but thinks better of the beatings that would ensue ... and 
demurs.>    ;-)

BTW - NP: Bill Evans Trio - Sunday at the Village Vanguard  ;-P

That's OK - I was just messing with you a little!

Thanks for the G7 example ... little by little the fog is lifting and 
this stuff is getting easier to see!

>>This kind of stuff (voice leading in chords) is *really* hard to learn on
>>guitar. Piano players improvise a lot when voicing chords, but that's almost
>>impossible to do on guitar. Guitar is very under-rated in the difficulty
>>department. The darn thing has 5 middle C's on it!!!

Ya know ... that's about the 3rd or 4th time I've run across someone 
saying that in the last week ... Hmmm - I'm beginning to think there 
may be something to it! The better part, for me anyway, is that I'm 
finally beginning to understand why that's the case!  Guess I'll have 
to add some keyboard and 'paper' work to my practice time.

>>hehe, i play it every night for my son. try dropping your low E to D

Heh ... I'm about 100 pages into this at home:
[1/2 Price books had one of their "extra 20%" off sales.]

Just starting to work through the text and examples finishing up the 
'Acoustic' section on alternate tunings; they have a page or two on 
C# tuning, dropped D, and some open chord stuff.  I've read a little 
about alternate tunings before, but I've never actually tried them. 
I *will* take the time to do that this time ... and now I'm even 
starting to see the possibilities a little bit.

Got this one sitting on my desk:

Going slow ... working through the notes and intervals on a legal pad ... 
just putzing around trying to get a little clearer on what's actually 
going on.

Fun Stuff!

(So what's with all the shred-heads ripping off Paganini?
That's just weird!)

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