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On 8 Apr 2004, at 17:35, Morgan Kelsey wrote:

> when you can snatch the tritone from my hand grasshopper....


> if we invert the G7 we can see it clearly:
> C     B       B
> A     G      G
> F      F      E
> D     D      C
> d and f are common to the first two chords, g and b to the second and 
> third.
> The 'c' in D-7 moves to the 'b' in G7.
> Then the 'f' in G7 resolves down to the 'e' in Cmaj.7

Or, to simplify that *right* down:

Play an F natural and a B natural above it together. Sounds *really* 
nasty, right? In pain? That's the tritone - 3 whole tones apart. The 
olden guys called it diabolus in musica. It is asking, begging, on its 
hands and knees to resolve outward to E and C. Give in, and your ears 
will go "Aaaaahhh!" Tension and resolution.

Or, if you want to keep a bit of tension and your listeners on the hook 
a while, keep the B...

Another fun thing to do is instead of going iib7 V7 I as your perfect 
cadence, go iib7 V7 VI (or Dm7/F G7 Am as VI is a minor chord in major 
keys). This is an imperfect cadence, often used as a 'hang on, not 
quite finished, still got a bit more to say' device. The longer you 
hang on that V7, the stronger the signal that you're going to I, so the 
bigger surprise it is.

See all those classical concerti? Listen to the 1st movement, and 
you'll get a whacking great (supposed to be improvised) solo about 2/3 
of the way through. That all grew out of a bit of solo twiddling on the 
final V before returning to I in the home key (You've been meandering 
around keys for anything from 64 bars upwards before this), and will 
usually end with a looooooooong trill before dropping onto the tonic 
(eg trill E-D for 4 bars, implying G7 before ending it CDC, on which 
the orchestra comes back in in C).

Or you can be a *real* bastard and do what Handel did in the 1st 
movement of Concerto Grosso Op6 No6 and do a real heavy V7 V7... (at 
which point your hanging on the I), but what does he do? He repeats the 
V7! Arrrgh! Before a lighter V7 V7 I when you can breathe again.

Hey Morgan - I'll carry on with the classical harmony, and you do the 
jazz bits. Cool? I could *really* get funky with some Neapolitan 3rds.

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