[thechat] Guiness officially good for you

Bob Davis bob at bobdavis.org
Sat Apr 10 08:44:56 CDT 2004

Doctors with all their fancy science confirm it -




In brief - fewer carbs, fewer calories, less alcohol, loaded with  
flavonoids (a real word, I swear - they help keep LDL cholesterol from  
clogging arteries), has more vitamin B than lighter beers (which would  
explain why it doesn't give me hangovers), and is a good source of  
silicon (no, that's silicone - we're talking about the mineral).

So drink up!  Those draft bottles we get here in the US are pretty good  
- not close to the wonder that is a freshly drawn Guiness in the UK,  
but still pretty good.

I wonder if there are other beers have the same qualities? Belhaven  


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