[thechat] New car - vrooom vrooom

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue May 11 14:35:20 CDT 2004

stef noted:

>>So, we too have just bought a new car. Opel Meriva. Not a sports car but 
>>very, very comfy and silent, and modular -- especially compared to our 
>>10-year-old Nissan Sunny diesel!

Hi Stef,

Oh thats cute! Congrats!

<Meriva wallpaper site>

My wife bought a minivan as a second vehicle last July ... I'm still 
surprised how much we are using and enjoying it. It's come in very handy.

>>Oh, yeah, bikes. We should go biking again with the lady.
>>Can pregnant women go biking?

Ah, a 'trick' question! (You don't get to be this old by telling women, 
especially pregnant women, there is _anything_ they *can't* do!) 

Ahem ... Why yes, of course madam, they can do anything they want to 
do, ... and ... whenever they want to do it! 

[Shall I wrap that up for you?]

(Who's not at all sure he wants to know why Hassan is looking through 
catalogs featuring 'maternity bike shorts'.)

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