[thechat] OT - Cuz nobody's yakking ON-topic

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu May 20 10:38:57 CDT 2004

Hi Gang,

The terminally h-ware illiterate one here has a few techie questions 
(blind helping the blind here - my brother in law's laptop has a few 
issues I'm trying to help with):

(1) When an external mouse is plugged in, sometimes the cursor just 
... kinda ... meanders off ... by itself ... and can be a very tough 
little doogie to rope back in. (My first guess is some kind of 
interrupt conflict between the external mouse and that built-in 
fingernail scrolly pad thing ... but I don't know how to correct 
it.) [My second guess is a problem with the physical port the 
external mouse is plugged into.] {My third guess is a dying video 
card.} <My fourth guess is interstellar pirates [Arrrrrr] scanning 
our world for booty bounty one laptop at a time!>

Any other ideas there? ... No, I mean 'helpful' ideas!

(2) Periodically he gets an "iexplore kernal32.dll" error. How can 
I correct that? (No, we're not gonna wipe the drive and load debian.) 
What else can we do?


Hmmmm ... how to 'tip' for an off topic post on a non-tech list 
without pointing out that neat court ruling against Neiman Marcus 
the other day for trying to steal the 'neimancarcass.com' domain 
name from the anti-fur folks ... although that *was* pretty cool:

Well, let's see ... oh, my wife's "lets get your old crap out of here" 
campaign is picking up steam ... we've got some new bedroom furniture 
on order - so we need to make some room ... and that room is currently 
taken up with my old crap.

Here's a 'stock' shot I swiped of one pieces coming in:

Gee ... mahogany dresser ... walnut inlays ... classy fancy curved 
front styling ... I say it's just the perfect thing for storing my 
old "I work out at Old Doc McCoy's ... HE'S DEAD GYM!" t-shirt!


[I'm concerned ... when I ask if these fancy dressers mean I have to 
dress better ... I just get one of those 'Mona Lisa' smile things 
as an answer ... Hmmmm ... I'm beginning to suspect that means *my* 
clothes will be coming out of trash bags tucked away in the closet!
Oh well.]

We found some local folks who need some furniture ... some are just 
starting households ... some are starting over ... so we're gonna 
give them first shot at the old junk ... Rats! ... I left most of 
the pictures at home ...

Ah, Okay ... I *do* have a shot or two of my infamous old 
'Martian Bordello Mood Lamp': 

No frat house is complete without one!  Actually the shades are 
individual panes of very nice purple stained glass, hand set 
(I think) in these little brass miniature versions of 60's gogo 
dancer cages:

You only get that 'redlight' look when it's lit up.


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