[thechat] Guitar Pron - Take 1

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Mon May 24 12:13:09 CDT 2004

A long, long time ago, on a list far far away,
RonL talked about his new guitar.

> I took a little time out for a mini-photo shoot last night.
> I wasn't very happy with any of the 'full frontals' I shot last night.
> ... Which only gives me an excuse to try again another time, right?

[ many schnips of detail shots follow ]

Ok, first of all, drooool drooool, now *thats* a nice guitar!!!

BUT -- i mut say, this lack of any "full frontal shot" kinda gave me the
creeps as I progressed through the pics.

I hereby vote, that RonL is to NEVER post any pics of himself.
(I know, there have been some, but let's not forget the focus was a
marsupial in a cowboy hat)

I'm not scared of the frontals, since he obviously can't take those, just
the others likely to result:
- "Will you look at that toenail!"
- "Bet you can't guess what this is...."



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