[thechat] OT - Cuz nobody's yakking ON-topic

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon May 24 12:44:44 CDT 2004

Morgan Kelsey noted:

>>by the way ron, how does this sound:
>>i'm gonna sell my house and by one of those big 8-man, 3-room tents.
>>we'll locate in beautiful texas, in the yard of well, how about you!

Sounds good! ... we wuz wondrin' how to qualify for that thar "improved 
land" tax break on that acreage we wuz lookin' at! ... Pay no mind to 
them 'Posted - Yankee Preserve - Shame on Poachers' signs.

>>you and i can build a trash-incinerator-to-electricity device,
>>and then i can help you get rid of all your paperbacks! whaddya say?

<Dodge guy voice>   That thing got a hemi in it?   </ Dodge>

(Who'll be up in the scenic Lancaster county area of Pennsylvania this 
weekend ... annoying cows and petting the Amish ... ooops ... uh ... 
reverse that ... okay ... thats a wrap!)

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