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Wed May 26 02:20:27 CDT 2004

<quote who="Joel D Canfield">
> So, dawdling through thechat archives and seeing Paul's newest
> (congrats, Paul!) I thought it was time to return to the fold (or
> thechat, or whatever.)
> So, here's *my* newest: http://FionaCanfield.com/

yeaaahhhhhh :)

> Following the tradition of my first four, with two middle names, her
> full name is Fiona Elisabeth Rose Canfield, born 29 March, 6 lb. 12 oz.
> (what's that in real measurements?) Since my first four were +/- 10 lbs,
> and my Best Beloved's first two were +/- 9.5, we were a mite surprised
> (albeit pleased) to see a *tiny* bundle of joy for a change. At 8 weeks,
> she's about the size #1 son Tristan was at birth.

You mean between you and your Lady you've got seven now? Wow.

And to think I'm frightened by the (ever-closing) prospect of dealing with
just one baby girl in september!

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